I spend a lot of time seeking out high quality goods that meet my very picky standards. Here are some resources that you might like as much as I do! This list will be updated occasionally. Let me know if you have any stellar recommendations.

Healthy, Delicious Food

Boot Hill Farms – non-gmo eggs, dairy and meat with many heritage breeds. (Local to the Uintah Basin).

Thrive Market – online source for lots of healthy, gluten free, organic products

Bob’s Red Mill – get non-gmo, organic, gluten-free grains directly from Bob’s Red Mill

Anson Mills – organic, heirloom grains. The company has a great story!

Organic Clothing

Econica – organic clothing and undies

Louder than words – organic clothing and undies

Healthy Beds and Bedding

Lifekind – natural latex and eco-wool mattresses, bedding

Savvy Rest – natural latex and eco-wool mattresses, bedding and sofas

Shepherd’s Dream – wool bedding from happy sheep

EMF Shielding and Meters

Safe Living Technologies – shielding equipment and meters

Dream House

Eco-Nest – Paula Baker-Laporte and her husband Robert are the dynamic duo of natural home building. They create beautiful homes that meet building biology standards for health and sustainability and offer natural building workshops and training.