Building Biology and Permaculture

I offer building biology environmental services and  profilepermaculture design services, as well.

These two disciplines are joined by the focus on using nature as a guide. I think both are equally important in creating healthy, happy, vibrant living situations.

I have experienced the very real payoffs of embracing the teachings of these two disciplines in my own life and am passionate about helping others create these wonderful improvements in their own lives as well.

Coastal & Southwest Oregon

I’m located in Elkton, Oregon, close to the beautiful Oregon Coast, near Eugene and Roseburg.


I have been studying and practicing building biology (Baubiologie) since 2009 and discovered permaculture around the same time. I am a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant through the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology. I have completed a Permaculture Design Certificate through Bill Mollison’s permaculture school and have many years of experience in making happy outdoor spaces.

Get better with nature

My goal is to help you reduce the risk of cancer and other illness while guiding you in more sustainable lifestyle choices and helping you create your own source of local, healthy food. This goal relies on a fundamental belief that we can achieve our best health by working with nature, not against or despite it.

If we understand and respect the workings of the natural world we will be healthier, happier, and be open to receiving the full joy of the natural world.

I’m here to assist you in achieving a healing relationship with nature. Sure, nature isn’t perfect, but most of us are so detached from it, that it can help in ways we can’t even imagine.

Contact me to get help.