A few weeks ago I listened to a podcast about biomechanist Katy Bowman who had removed most of the furniture from her home in order to create more space for her and her family to move about. Her take is that we don’t get enough different kinds of movement to nourish our cells.

Anyone who takes a non-traditional approach to life catches my attention. A lot of the things that make us sick and unhappy in life are hiding right in front of us – if we can allow our sights to focus on them.

One of the things we put on our bodies everyday without considering too much about how they will influence our experience of life is our shoes. Bowman recommends wearing shoes that allow our feet to pick up information from our environment – just about the opposite of the shoes most of us wear, the thick soles that force your foot into a specific and not necessarily natural shape.

This caught my attention. I wear leather-soled Minnetonka moccasins most of the day, most days of the week. When I put on other shoes to go out my feet feel pretty unhappy. When I go out hiking, no matter how much fun I have out wandering through the desert or mountains, I can’t wait to get my shoes off afterwards.

So I took Katy’s advice and got another pair of Minnetonkas, this time with flexible rubber soles, that are a step up from my slipper-like moccs (these have rubber soles) but just as comfortable.

I’ve tried many pairs of flat shoes before and most of them have miserable, rigid soles. Some of you out there may be comfortable in shoes like that. My high arches hate them. Now that I have another reason (picking up information from my environment), I love flexible soles even more.

If you’re looking for thin soled, flat shoes that will allow your feet to keep their natural shape you might want to try some sort of moccasin, Minnetonkas or other brands. If you are able to find some with leather soles (inside and out) you’ll get the added bonus of being grounded as you walk outdoors.

Here’s to happy feet – yours and mine!