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A new location

Life always brings opportunities for change; we can either choose to pounce on these moments, or not. I tend to be one of the pouncers, for better or worse. I’ve lived in a few different countries, and now am enjoying the experience of living back in my native country, but in a quite different region, the Mountain West. Of course, love is a particularly strong motivator as well, which is why I have left my hometown of Charlotte NC, again, this time for a much smaller town in Northeast Utah.

A new home environment comes with a whole new set of challenges to maintaining good environmental health. I no longer have air pollution from congested freeways to fret about, but instead can focus my worries on pollution from the pervasive local oil industry. This industry can effect air quality (particularly in a winter weather phenomenon known as inversions), but my main concern at the moment is water quality.

Residential areas out here are scattered with active oil wells; I can see two from my house! I have been concerned about how proximity to oil drilling might be affecting our well water. In my next blog I’ll tell you how a serendipitous turn of events brought me together with the folks that would be able to help me get our well water tested. Until then, greetings from Utah!

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