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My food mantra for you

One of our biggest failures as a society is creating a wasteful food system. We eat a lot of things that aren’t technically even food (and therefore aren’t nourishing us), we throw a LOT of food away, and create a huge amount of packaging that itself uses up a lot of resources. So food sustainability has become something of a pet peeve, if not obsession, for me.

That’s why I’ll start posting more about food, including recipes, because cooking healthy, simple foods will make you happier along with creating a greener “foodprint.”

Here’s my food mantra for you:

Fresh mulberries from a backyard tree

*** Learn to cook – Eat out less often – Buy organic produce – Buy sustainably and humanely raised eggs, dairy and meat – Eat mostly unprocessed foods – Grow part of what you eat – Eat wild edibles – Break out of your food rut***

I predict that doing these things will change your life. You will probably slowly slim down (meaning that it will be a sustainable weight loss), you will feel healthier, and you will feel a stronger connection to the natural world – the one that you ARE a part of, after all!

We americans spend the smallest percentage of our income on food compared to other nations, yet this is the first most important thing we need to survive. Shouldn’t we do it right?