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Solo yoga with a storm

Last night I skipped yoga class and it felt great. I love my thursday night hot power yoga class, but last night my mood just wasn’t in the right place. I just felt like being alone. So I decided to stay home and do a solo practice instead.

IMG_7614Rain and thunder from a late spring storm made a nice accompaniment to the calm music I had selected. I’ve taken enough yoga classes to know how to improvise a home practice, and I decided to go for a mix of deep stretch and power. I set up my mat, adjusted the lighting, turned off my phone and closed my email so that I could sink in to my practice without distractions.

At different moments in my practice, each of my pets came to be close to me for a while: Charlie sidling up on to my mat for comforting from the storm, Leo napping along side my mat restfully, Louie brushing his fluffy side body and tail past me, and finally, Nelly nibbling on my bangs while I lay in savasana. Usually I would consider pet intrusions on my mat unwelcome, but I was feeling particularly grateful for these furry little bodies and enjoyed their participation.

When I finished I looked at the clock and found that I had actually practiced a little longer than I would have at the class I usually attend. I love that yoga class is part of my normal weekly routine, but I also love the moments when I break my routine and savor something slightly different. Yoga – it’s a great teacher of flexibility in more ways than you’d expect. And it has also taught me to trust being my own teacher.

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