autistic childOne of the things I was very excited about learning at the recent IBE Conference was a calming protocol for children with autism. Actually, this protocol is very similar to most of our standard building biology recommendations to any family or individual wishing to protect themselves from EMF’s. The exciting part was to learn how effective this has proven to be for some families dealing with autism. Peter Sullivan, a former Silicon Valley CEO turned environmental health philanthropist brought his own health and that of his kids’ back from the brink through a combo of detoxing from heavy metals and dramatically reducing exposure to EMF’s. He recommends this protocol, originally proposed by MD Toril Jelter:

Turn these four common sources of constant wireless radiation and electrical noise off at night for at least 12 hrs:

1) Baby monitors: Unplug for the duration of the trial.

2) Cordless phone base stations: Unplug the cordless phone base station (the largest unit that usually has the answering machine and physical phone line going into it.) Some people put this on an electrical timer.

3) Wi-Fi: Use a timer for the plug or software configuration to turn off at night.

4) Bedroom electrical circuit breaker: Find the circuit breaker that controls the electrical outlets in the child’s bedroom.  Turning that off at night will reduce the majority of exposure to field effects and electrical noise (commonly called “dirty electricity”).

Whether it is autism you are struggling with or other health concerns, I highly recommend giving this protocol a try for two weeks! If you have other wireless / smart devices in your home, you’ll probably want to give those a break too.