I just returned from the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology‘s 2015 Conference and am excited to share with you some important new information on healing through the built environment. But first I wanted to give you a look at our lovely conference location, which was specially chosen with Building Biology principles in mind.

Islandwood, on Bainbridge Island in the Seattle, Washington area is a pretty unique location. It was built as a spot to host outdoor experiences and environmental learning for kids, but is immensely pleasing for the child-at-heart as well. The founders and maintainers of Islandwood took many measures to ensure that the location is a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

The staff of Islandwood were highly accommodating for our demanding group – we have high expectations for indoor air quality: excellent ventilation, water-damage free environments, and minimal VOC’s. These needs were largely met as the buildings of Islandwood were designed with numerous operable windows to ensure natural ventilation and low or no-VOC finishes were used throughout. Sometimes wood was left unfinished which contributes to a favorable indoor climate as well.

While the site usually has Wi-Fi in use, the staff were very accommodating, turning it off for the duration of our stay to provide a healthier electromagnetic environment. We were happy to learn that the center had previously rejected an offer for a cell phone tower on the property.

This is a great location for events such as conferences, weddings and the like for those who want to keep sustainability and health at the forefront. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing some snapshots of this lovely location!