A new start

It seems like a lot of people I know have had a rough time over the past couple of years… myself included. Starting my company and readjusting to life in the USA have brought moments of joy but also plenty of difficulties. Over the last year or so I’ve reduced my blogging and skipped sending out newsletters altogether. Meanwhile, I’ve been reflecting a lot on Biodwell, on what I want it to be. Finally, I’ve come to a decision to let the holistic, encompassing aspect of my business unfold.

I continue to feel that the impact of the home environment on one’s health is the most overlooked cause of sickness and unwellness. Yet I also know that if one of us were to live in the healthiest home imaginable yet live without healthy food or sound relationships, we still would not feel good.

Thus my decision to broaden my content – and services – a bit – and to embrace this decision wholeheartedly. Along with tips and info on creating a healthy home, I’ll be talking a little more about food and gardening. I’ll also be doing a lot more writing; writing to you, dear friend. Writing was my first passion, my first truly satisfying exploration of self-expression and I’ve decided to unleash it here in the hopes of cultivating a stronger connection with you.

budPerhaps like me, you are overwhelmed with newsletters and blog posts that you don’t have time to read. Well, I’m giving myself this challenge: create the content that you want to take time to read. I’ve reminded myself that I should be writing the thing I would myself want to read: something surprising, informative… and told in a personal voice.

Each of us have our individual quirks, passions and weaknesses that make us worthwhile territory to explore. I’m ready to share mine – and hope to discover yours.

Here’s wishing you a beautiful February and a fresh outlook.