kid cell phoneYou many have heard that EMF’s are dangerous even if you don’t understand what they are exactly or know how to avoid them.

Here’s a quick primer for you on avoiding electromagnetic pollution:

Avoid constant exposure to cell phones, Wi-Fi and other wireless energy. Turn that stuff OFF at night, at the minimum.

Make sure you aren’t living with high levels of alternating current Magnetic or Electric fields. Don’t sleep near breaker boxes, fridges, or anything else with a motor or transformer. Some sources are invisible so if you have doubts, have it checked out.

Avoid metal in the sleeping area. Metals sometimes become magnetized in a way that will be anomalous for your body. Metal will also act like an antenna for any AC electric fields.

Are you living next to a high tension line, substation, cell phone tower or other such health risk? I highly recommend having a building biologist come out and take measurements for you to assess concern.

Moving on (either figuratively or literally) to a healthier environment may be inconvenient and stressful, but not nearly as much so as getting sick.

Stay healthy and good luck practicing healthier electromagnetic hygiene!

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