If you’re interested in creating a healthy home, you are most certainly going to want to focus on your kitchen!

There are so many important ways we can reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals in the kitchen. But I’m here to tell you about one device which has proven to be a healthy, useful workhorse for me.

I used to eat rice pretty much everyday and while I have now added some variety to my weekly, vegetarian menu, I still use my rice cooker religiously. And I use it for much more than just rice!

vita clayBehold the Vita Clay! I discovered this combo rice cooker / slow cooker a few years ago when I went on a quest for a rice cooker that did NOT have a non-stick coating on the bowl. It was a long, hard search! Finally I decided to try this baby, despite my reservations that I might drop and break the bowl and have a hard (ie, expensive) time replacing it.

Well, it’s been three years, and I have never dropped either the bowl or the lid – in face, the terra cotta bowl has such heft to it, its own personal gravity, perhaps – that you probably would not drop it as easily as a lighter bowl. Three years later and being used at least three times a week, it is still working beautifully.

I use it to cook grains such as rice, quinoa, and buckwheat, and delicious soups and stews. I absolutely LOVE throwing a few ingredients in it, bopping off to yoga, and coming back to a savory delicious meal.

There may be other brands that incorporate a terra cotta pot – I haven’t checked – but I can vouch for the high performance of this one. I love the terra cotta bowl, and have never noticed any chemical scents from any of the components (though you should always wash before using!).

If I’ve gotten you all worked up about this beauty of a rice cooker, you can buy one here, and your purchase will support a local animal rescue. That’s just how I roll.

Happy cooking and bon appétit! 

3 thoughts on “Healthy slow cooking

  1. How long did it take the plastic housing to offgas, did you notice a plastic smell when you first used it?

  2. Hi! I actually didn’t notice a smell from the plastic housing when I first purchased this. I have a pretty keen nose and chemical sensitivity so these things do often bother me and prove unusable while they’re offgassing. Didn’t notice any smell from this one, but I think it would depend on how long the rice cooker had been out of the factory (the longer the better) as well as how sensitive you are. Good luck!

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