free wifi health effectsWi-fi, wi-fi everywhere… and not a place to think?

Some of you might applaud the widespread and overreaching waves of a wireless internet connection and relish the opportunity to connect “freely” to the internet.

What you may not realize is that this “free” connection comes at a cost – the pollution of our natural electromagnetic spectrum with data-carrying radiofrequency waves.

Some individuals, an estimated 18-25% of the population, are electrically hypersensitive, and experience negative side effects from exposure to such waves. Many of us may experience these side effects without being aware of the cause. Common symptoms include anxiety and inability to focus or brainfog.

Whether we are electrically hypersensitive or not, this “background noise” may affect us anyway. Dr Martin Blank, in his book “Overpowered” explains that the DNA strand has an electrical component that may explain why we are vulnerable to the effects of electromagnetic pollution.

Many more of us can recognize the detrimental social side effects of pervasive Wi-Fi. How much harder is it to strike up a conversation with a stranger when they are immersed in the diversions of their cell phone or tablet?

While we might not be able to turn off the Wi-fi in our favorite coffee shop, we certainly have the power to do so at home. 

So this is my recommendation to you – take a Wi-Fi break. Use an ethernet connection for internet if you still need it (but make sure to turn off the airport and blue tooth on your computers). Maybe try it over the weekend. Or just start turning it off at night.

A client recently told me that she’d finally turned her Wi-Fi off and could really feel the difference. Maybe that difference is something that you can feel too – one that might make the difference between getting a good night sleep or not, or feeling an underlying stress, or an underlying peacefulness.

Good luck taking your home Wi-Fi break… Let us know how it goes!

*Your purchase of Overpowered from the above link supports North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue. Isn’t that wonderful?

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