Dust Mite
by Allistair Burt – Hole In My Pocket

When I work as a building biologist (baubiologist), folks tend to think that I’m going to give them lots of bad news about how unhealthy their houses are. This really makes me laugh – who needs someone to give them bad news without proving solutions?

While assessing the situation is important, my purpose is to provide helpful advice on how to make the home healthier, not just shine a light on the problems.

Here’s an easy trick you can use – starting tomorrow morning! Dust mites are a common allergen and thrive in beds. Why? Dust mites like dark humid environments – and that’s just what our beds are! We humans lose moisture at night while we sleep. Then we jump out of bed in the morning and cover the sheets right back up, keeping in the humidity, preventing our mattresses from drying out.

So an easy trick from the books of Baubiologie is to UN-MAKE your bed every morning. Instead of making your bed, just fold back your sheets and covers and let the bed air out while you’re getting ready in the morning. They still do this in many places in Europe – they just don’t know that they’re fighting dust mites when they do it. Make sure you open blinds or curtains to your bedroom and let some sunshine in. Unmaking your bed everyday is a super easy way to take your home one step closer towards healthy!

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