My make up routine has always been pretty simple. So several years ago when I decided to “clean up” my make up routine, I didn’t have that many products to switch out. I’ve found a few products that I love and keep going back to the same ones.

The transition has not been so easy for nail polish. Summer is when I usually get the urge to see those dabs of color on the tips of my toes, so a few weeks ago I started yet another search for some non-toxic nail polish that doesn’t smell like solvents. Because the somewhat-healthier-options I found at Whole Foods, Earth Fare, etc? Yes, I tried them. They stink. They smell just as bad as the nail polishes that do contain formaldehyde, toluene, etc, so the only improvement was knowing they were less toxic. This might be reassuring, but if you are sensitive to smells, this might not help much when it comes time to get busy adorning your tootsies.

Good news! I finally found a couple of brands that are less toxic AND less smelly. I present you with…Keeki Pure And Simple and Piggy Paint.  Neither of them are exactly odorless, but they are huge improvements over some of the other “non-toxic” brands I’ve tried.

Here’s the lowdown….

keeki nail polishI was expecting something less like nail polish and more like nail stain. Nope! Both are just like nail polish.

Both actually are easier (for me) to paint on – less messy than the nasty nail polishes of my past!

As far as smell goes, I have a highly sensitive nose but can only smell them if I put my sniffer right above the jar. Keeki smells better than Piggy Paint – more like food, a sentiment which my dogs would second. They scoot up next to me and sit patiently, drooling, as if they think a treat is coming, while I’m applying Keeki.

piggy paintPiggy Paint is marketed for kids, so the colors follow suit in colors like “Mac and Cheese, Please!” or “Ice Cream Dream.” Personally, I’m a leaning to Keeki’s more grown up palette, though you can still get your trendy blacks, blues and yellows from them, you eco-conscious fashionistas, you!

And as far as staying power goes… I tried them on both my fingernails and toenails and these both seem to last about as long as what a conventional nail polish would last on me… which is, maybe a DAY without a chip. But hey, I cook, I garden, I use my hands! If your nail danger is limited to holding a glass of wine, I bet it will hold up better for you than for me! Unless of course that wine glass gets refilled too often…  Uh-hmm!

One thought on “Non-toxic nail polish

  1. Great information, thanks! I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity aka Chemical Intolerance, and have to use a mask AND go outside to do my nails. Maybe not now with these suggestions.

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