Looking for a new home to buy or just to rent? Aesthetics are important, but your home’s health potential is too! Check out these tips for choosing a healthy home location. Prevention is the best remedy!

A 115 kV to 41.6/12.47 kV 5 MVA 60 Hz substati...
electrical substation – image via Wikipedia

1) Make sure there are no substations or high voltage power lines nearby. Being close to these can increase your exposure to Electromagnetic Fields. How do you know if a power line is high voltage? The taller the pylons are, the higher the voltage. This does not mean that all low power lines are harmless!

mobile phone mast
mobile phone mast – image via flickr creative commons

2) Check to see that no cell phone antennas are in line of sight. Cell phone antennas emit Radiofrequency Energy. Search antennasearch.com to identify the closest ones or future plans for new cell phone antennas.

Interior of home in the Gentilly section of Ne...
mold in home after Hurricane Katrina – image via Wikipedia

3) Avoid proximity to flood risks such as creaks, rivers and streams. It should go without saying that flood risks in coastal properties are elevated! Along with the huge monetary damage that flooding can bring about, health risks from mold happen when flood damage isn’t handled properly. In NC check floodmaps to see if your location is at a high risk for flooding.

image via luxecoliving

4) Consider the area surrounding the home for sources of frequent pesticide, herbicide and fungicide use. Conventional farms are the most obvious user of these products but golf courses may also pose a risk.

Panneau A23 de signalisation de traversée d'un...

5) Look for sources of noise pollution. Is that great deal so cheap because it’s right next to the airport, a major intersection or plans for a new construction site? Noise pollution can be a serious stressor.

Environmental pollution 02

6) This is the toughest because it is the hardest to control. Are there factories or other industrial sources polluting the water sources? Or are there other forms of extreme environmental pollution? Think Erin Brokovich or Living Downstream. Think Camp LeJeune. Research the area you are thinking about relocating to and be aware of any warning signs like high percentages of rare diseases.

3 thoughts on “Real Estate: Tips for Choosing a Healthy Home Location

  1. We are trying to find a construction lot to build our new dream home for our small but expanding family! These tips definitely will help us to know what to look for! I hadn’t even thought of looking at surrounding sources of pesticide, but that is so important, especially with small children! Thank you for sharing! We will be sure to find the perfect place for our future home!

  2. I hadn’t thought about how being close to power stations could expose your to electromagnetic fields. I have been looking at different homes, but I don’t know how to choose one. I can see how considering the proximity to high power lines could help me decide.

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