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Green Yoga Tip – Dress kindly

Eco yoga pants from Spiritex.

Tip for Greening your practice: Avoid synthetic yoga clothing, choose natural fibers instead.

Eco impact: A member of the oil industry vaunts that “40% of all textiles contain oil.” As we know, petroleum is a non-renewable resource linked with global warming and geopolitical strife. I’m talking bad karma in your nylon pants, folks. (“Luon” is 86% nylon. Sorry lulu fans…)

Health impact: Synthetic fibers require the use of large numbers of chemicals to make them feel like, well, fabric!  Many of these fibers will continue to offgas for the life of the product. Offgassing chemicals include carcinogens (ie, Formaldehyde) that can also cause headaches, sensitivities, and many other symptoms.

Solution: Organic cotton, hemp, & linen are best. At the very least, go with natural fibers, which is a hugely positive first step. No one’s on their mats to look at each other’s new yoga duds anyway. Putting our desire to be responsible yogis before our ego can be hard, but like anything, it’s a habit, a practice, that becomes effortless with time!

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