New years resolutions

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since biodwell has had a fresh blog post, and when better to dedicate some time to freshness than right before the start of a new year?

boy shark

My wish for you for this new year is that you grab it right by the tail and let it pull you along with joy and glee. If you suffer from sensitivities of ANY kind, you may need some help with that!  Here are a few suggestions I’d like to offer up to you, to help yourself out for the new year.

1) Read Elaine Aron’s Highly Sensitive Person. While many of you reading this blog suffer from environmental (chemical or electrical) sensitivities, these often go hand in hand with a generalized sensitivity. Dr. Aron studied this sensitivity and wrote about it in her highly elucidating book. It may just help you feel better about being one of the sensitive ones!

2) Start a yoga practice. Your fight or flight response will thank you for some much needed relief.

3) Get grounded. Grounding yourself either at night or whenever you have the opportunity will literally reconnect you to the earth’s energy and help you discharge positive ion build up.

4) Try going gluten free. It is certainly a trend, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some legitimacy in the notion that gluten can cause a wide range of symptoms, like fatigue and bloating. Just make sure that your gluten free diet isn’t a junk diet – avoid those gluten free labels on foods that you KNOW aren’t healthy. Upping your sugar intake sure isn’t going to help!

5) Ask your hair dresser to convert to non-toxic products if they aren’t already using them. It’s better for you, and for them.

6) Learn about where TOXIC flame retardants are hiding in your home, and resolve to start phasing them out.

7) Clean your kitchen – not just grit and grime, but purge the items that are health risks and ecologically unsound – like aerosol oil sprays and teflon coated pans.

8) Rethink that every night use of flood lights. Light pollution doesn’t just affect our poetic desires to muse upon the night skies, it also dramatically affects wildlife, and our own circadian rhythms.

9) Clean out your bath and beauty supplies. These are a serious source of direct exposure to cancer causing agents, and as they enter the water supply, they affect wildlife and other human life as they re-enter the water system.

10) Make this year the year that you schedule a healthy home consultation! Learn how to keep your indoor air quality healthy and how to reduce your exposure to electrosmog. It’s an investment to protect your health over the short and long term!

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