k monemvasia

As I walked to pick up a few groceries today, I got caught at an intersection for what seemed like an inordinately long time. I resisted my Parisian urge to jet through the red hand and patiently waited for the white walk symbol, watching the cars rush by. There was a young couple behind me waiting, and I admit, their patience waiting for the change in signals was probably the only thing keeping me from rushing through when there was a brief let up of traffic.

When the walk signal (finally!) appeared, I walked along the crossing with the couple and their conversation a few feet behind me. My ears perked up when I heard her say, “…smells… I’m just sensitive…” Yes, another sensitive one in our midst.

It’s not surprising though. Some sources estimate the percentage of the general population suffering from chemical sensitivity to be around 15% while others estimate 33%. My understanding, from listening to various experts speak on the subject, is that as our environmental stressors increase, the affected population also increases. My observations also tell me that food sensitivities and MCS goes hand in hand; if you’re a regular reader of magazines or blogs on food and health you’re no stranger to the notion that food sensitivities are on the rise.

So, as our minority of the chemically afflicted becomes slightly less off the radar, I’d like to ask you, my readers, how do you cope?

I’ll tell you how I cope. Yoga, though that comes with its own challenges. Healthy, nutritionally dense food (lots of greens, nuts and avocados). Sleeping grounded seems to help enormously. Living in an artificial fragrance free home, an absolute must.

Yet, as with any challenge, I’m sure that living with this obstacle also leads to inventiveness and innovation. For those of you who are chemically challenged, what are your tricks for coping with the real world?

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