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Yoga & Environmental Health: First steps

yoga first stepI recently started doing yoga after too long being rather apathetic about my exercise routine. And it’s kicking my butt. Every time I try a new class, it’s harder. I’m amazed at the level of strength this practice imparts to people. Also amazed at how good it feels, which is pretty much why “let me just try one class” turned into attending 3 or 4 times a week.

But this post isn’t about yoga, it’s about adopting a holistic approach to health. Exercise is one facet, yes, but so is food. Can you be healthy as a yogi if you eat Mickey D’s twice a week? (Would a yogi want to?) Eating fresh, unprocessed, and untainted food has to be part of the approach. Making sure one’s personal relationships are in good shape, also an important part of general well-being.

Yet, when we talk about the environmental health part of the picture, it quickly becomes abstract. What does environmental health even mean to most people? It sounds like something that bureaucrats handle behind closed doors. In reality, environmental health is just as concrete as food and exercise and affects all of us more and more…

What is in your environment that is having either a beneficial or harmful effect on your health? You might look at those things which seem beyond your control; local industries polluting your water and air, rampant development replacing your forests with shopping centers and parking lots. Yet, you have your very own environment within the walls of your home and stretching to the boundaries of your well manicured or overgrown lawn. And here you are able to control more fully whether your home environment will become a nurturing, healthful one, or not.

It may be a challenge, at first, just like yoga. But when your healthier home environment starts rewarding you with days, weeks and then months free from migraines, rewards you with energy instead of fatigue, you will be glad that you have accepted the challenge, and you will continue to strive towards a healthier space.

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Take your first steps toward a healthier space


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