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Cell Phone Safety from Dr Andrew Weil

weil hot tubEven the venerable, bushy-bearded one, Dr Weil, is concerned about the safety of cell phones. He gives a short explanation of how exposure works.

“The saving grace of cell phones is that, like all point-sources of radiation, they obey the inverse-square law: the strength of an electromagnetic field is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source point. This means that if you move the phone twice as far away from your head, you get one quarter the RF; move it three times farther, you get one-ninth the RF. So rather than clasping the phone to your ear (roughly one inch from your brain), use the phone in speaker mode (roughly 15 inches from your brain) and you’ll drop the RF to your brain to a mere 1/225th of the against-the-ear dosage.”

Continue reading Weil’s “Cell Phones and Cancer: How To Stay Safe

Though using cell phones more safely is important, it doesn’t exactly solve the problem. Cell phone towers emit large amounts of RF radiation and are oftentimes close or on top of homes, subjecting the inhabitants to toxic doses.

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