Sunscreen season is upon us again! But like many other beauty products & personal care products, sunscreens can be loaded with junk (potential hormone disrupters & nanoparticles, among others) or may simply not do their job! Another concern is that using a sunscreen with a very high SPF creates a false sense of security, allowing us to stay in the sun longer than we should or at times when UV rays are the strongest (the middle of the day).

For an informed discussion of these topics, see the Environmental Working Group has posted a thorough discussion of the problem at Sunscreens Exposed.

The EWG also has a searchable sunscreen database and a list of their top sunscreen picks for environmental and health safety. Sunscreens have been rated according to UVA Protection, UVB Protection, UVA/UVA Balance, Sunscreen Stability, Health Concerns & Other Concerns. Among their top rated beach & sport brands are: Aubrey Organics, Badger, Eco Skin Care, Elemental Herbs, Loving Naturals, & Tropical Sands. Keep those brands in mind when you’re standing in your natural foods store looking at their selection of sunscreens!


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