There is a certain controversy over cell phones and the harmfulness of the energy emitted from them, RF (Radiofrequency) Radiation. This is understandable, the cell phone industry is a big business! Users change out their cell phones for newer models, are lured into long-term subscriptions, and the cycle of cell phone dependency is hard to break. To ask if cell phones are a source of toxins is to question a whole facet of modern life and a convenience most of us depend upon.

Yet, it is precisely because cell phone use has become so widespread that we should question its health effects. Young children now have their own cell phones, babies play with their parents cell phones… are their sensitive and quickly forming little cells really equipped for RF exposure?

For those who are electrically hypersensitive, there is no doubt that cell phones have a physical effect – they can feel it as well as you can hear loud annoying noises. But EHS individuals are in the silent minority, unknown in the mainstream.

Here, then, for your consideration, are a couple of very mainstream facts.

In May 2011 the World Health Organization / International Agency for Research on Cancer came to the conclusion that Radiofrequency Radiation of the type associated with cell phone use is “possibly carcinogenic.” Carcinogenic, if you aren’t sure, means “cancer causing.”

There are universally recognized thermal effects from cell phone use; emissions from cell phones literally heat living tissue, just like a microwave oven but to a lesser degree. The rate at which tissue is heated is called the SAR, Specific Absorption Rate, and each cell phone manufactured has a SAR rate. The closer the tissue is to the source of radiation, the more heating takes place; the greater the emissions, the higher the SAR.

Now, the official position of the FCC is that there are no health risks from cell phone radiation. Yet they do recognize thermal effects. So I will leave it up to you…without touching on the other biological effects of RF radiation, do you think it’s safe to heat up your brain like this on a regular basis for long periods of time? How comfortable do you feel with the term “possibly” carcinogenic? Perhaps this is a good time to start reducing your exposure to this toxin…and keep the cell phones away from the kids!

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