Last night I slept on my earthing sheet for the first time.

barefoot_photo by fiddle oakThe earthing sheet has a very simple function. It is a cotton sheet woven with silver filaments which connects to a grounding device. When your skin touches the sheet, it connects you to the earth outside so that you are grounded while sleeping, giving you the equivalent of standing barefoot on the earth or taking a restful nap on the ground. There is something special about our physical connection to the earth…but more about that later.

As I lay in bed with the lower part of my legs on the earthing sheet, wondering how I would feel in the morning, I noticed some slight tingling in my legs. Not unpleasant at all, and very subtle.

And that is all I had time to notice. I woke up in exactly the same position I fell asleep in – flat on my back, a towel around my (now mostly dry) hair, feet and calves still on the earthing sheet.

How did I feel? Good! It felt like Christmas morning! I was full of energy and anticipation! Better than that, I awoke without my usual throbbing lower back pain that causes me to toss and turn until I find a semi-comfortable position or get out of bed in frustration.

I got up and had to look at myself in the mirror to see if the effects were visible. A very slight smile showing evidence of relaxation! Good sign!