When looking for a new home to buy or rent, there are plenty of red flags you’ll want to avoid in order to make your home as healthy and happy as possible. You’ll want to look for possible indicators of serious home maintenance issues, health hazards, sources of stress and wellness obstacles.

Of course, your needs will vary greatly depending on what your regional climate and individual circumstances but here are just a few things you might want to avoid:

  • mold
  • strong smells of artificial fragrance
  • leaks and water stains
  • wallpaper
  • carpet
  • proximity to noisy, busy roads
  • nearby electric substations
  • nearby high transmission lines
  • smart meters on bedroom walls or in basement
  • neighbor’s smart meters pointing at your house (especially your bedrooms)
  • visible cell phone antennas
  • wi-max antennas
  • fiberboard cabinets
  • knob and tube wiring
  • ungrounded wiring (usually older 2 prong outlets)
  • nearby flood risks
  • accident prone steps or corners
  • lack of daylighting
  • laminate flooring
  • vinyl flooring
  • past incidents of flooding or serious leaks
  • improper venting of dryer vent or range vent (into attics or basements)
  • fresh air intake for HVAC in crawlspace or garage
  • no windows in bathrooms

Some of these downers can be remedied: wallpaper can be removed, cabinets can be replaced. Others will be constant battles or will expensive to mitigate, so in those cases if you have the opportunity to choose elsewhere, best think about it!

These are just some of the less than optimum conditions which can usually be easily identified on site. Identifying other potential health hazards may require the assistance of a professional! You will save on future expenses and worry if you have a professional perform an assessment before you commit!

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