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Biodwell specializes in MOLD PREVENTION, healthy & natural MATERIALS & PRODUCTS, creating healthier INDOOR AIR QUALITY, reducing harmful ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, safety through better ERGONOMICS, increasing wellness through LIGHT & COLOR THERAPY!
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What people are saying about Biodwell
“It is a very comforting feeling to have my house professionally reviewed by an expert.”
“I thought I knew some things about Feng Shui, but I found Kristina’s recommendations to be particularly helpful – my husband is sleeping better than he has in years!”
“Thanks, Kristina, for all of your help and advice! I must say, since I have done a few of the suggested things my headaches have been way less frequent and severe.”
“Kristina is clearly an expert in her field. Charlotte is lucky to have her here providing much-needed solutions to its inhabitants.”
The intersection of healthy and green

Our definition of “sustainable” includes short and long-term human health.

Biodwell’s green solutions get filtered to make sure they are not only healthy for the planet but also healthy for you and your family. Recycling is great, but if recycled content is toxic (such as with fly ash or PVC), how sustainable can it be? 

If it sometimes feels like your efforts won’t make a difference, start at home, FEEL the difference, and allow yourself some peace of mind!

Common symptoms & illnesses improved & prevented by healing a space
  • headaches
  • insomnia
  • allergy symptoms
  • asthma symptoms
  • anxiety
  • heart palpitations
  • respiratory irritations
  • chronic sinusitis
  • irritability
  • ADHD
  • cancer
  • autoimmune disease
How does biodwell help heal homes and spaces?

By helping you improve your indoor air quality & reduce electrosmog, inspecting for potential mold and allergens, identifying areas for better ergonomics, examining the psychological impacts of color, and by encouraging connections with the natural world via material selection and use.

If you are in the business of helping others heal, why not take your commitment to the next level and deepen the healing of your clients?

Some of the invisible toxins found in many of our homes
  • VOC’s from carpet, paint, wallpaper, furniture
  • flame retardants in furniture, electronics, baby clothes
  • mold
  • offgassing formaldehyde (a carcinogen)
  • lead in toys, make-up, jewelry
  • radioactive granite countertops
How does biodwell help create greener homes and spaces?

By helping you identify the easiest methods for increasing your sustainability first. We’ll help you identify new habits to lighten your footprint. If you’re ready for a renovation or some redecorating, we will provide you with assistance in sourcing products and materials. We’ll help connect you with the green products and services you’re looking for.

We believe that a strong connection with the natural world is part of healing! Adopting sustainable materials and practices into your life helps strengthen this connection.

Commonly overlooked ways of creating a greener space
  • daylighting
  • passive solar energy
  • thermal mass
  • natural furnishings and finishes
  • maintenance
  • color psychology
  • cleaning product detox
  • personal care product detox
Your health is impacted by your living space if you are…
  • A health genius

You’ve got the food and vitamins down, you are a stellar athlete, and you even have your stress under control. Good for you! What if you could take your performance level even higher by improving your sleep quality?

  • A concerned parent

We live in such a toxic world, it can be hard to prioritize what to worry about first! Instead of getting overwhelmed, get help, get empowered to make the best possible choices for your kids. Solutions are a click away!

  • A pet owner

Our four-legged friends are exposed to even more toxins than we are. Help them live longer, healthier lives!

  • Chronically unwell

Do you have the feeling that something is preventing you from achieving health and wellness, something you just can’t seem to identify? Could it be something in your living space dragging you down?

  • Electrically sensitive / Chemically sensitive

It’s hard enough to deal with the symptoms of these invisible illnesses, and even harder when you feel that no one understands you. Through the teachings of building biology we are highly attuned to the needs and limitations presented by these difficult conditions, and can help you find the relief you need to begin healing.

  • Environmentally ill

If you are environmentally ill, your body is burdened and needs relief from toxins and stressors. Your living space can become a healing environment, allowing you to return to health.

  • Dealing with cancer, autoimmune disease, or other illnesses

Coping with a serious illness is hard in so many ways. You’ll want to do everything possible to encourage your body to heal, including having your home examined for possible toxins and stressors.

  • A living being

As a biological being, you are being effected by chemicals & toxins, but also many other subtle elements of your living environment. Color has an effect on mood, and comfort level affects wellness. How you feel in your space on a psychological level is important for your well-being. Health is not simply the absence of disease!

If you are what you eat…

We like to think of our indoor spaces as the next great frontier regarding health and wellness.

You are probably aware of the impacts food can have on your health and feelings of wellness. Perhaps you remember being shocked to learn of certain ingredients being used in food products – additives, artificial colorings, transfats.

We believe that we are in the midst of a similar awakening regarding our living spaces. In much the same way that certain foods corrode our bodies, the use of certain materials corrodes our homes, resulting in unfit living environments.

On the other hand, using healthy natural materials can prove beneficial, boosting health and well-being!

Biodwell brings you a holistic approach to creating a healthier home or work environment. We assess for overall health effects, such as effects on well-being, cancer prevention, and potential to eliminate other chronic illness and stress. Our solutions boost your health and lighten your footprint all at once!

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